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Did you already know that Credifiel grants loans for the government sector ? So the next step is to apply for a credit via payroll since if you have more than a year working in the government agency, then you can have your money in a few hours.

Surely you could not have imagined what to do with the money of a loan since for various reasons it sometimes seems complicated to obtain one, however, now that you can have this money in your hands, it is time to start creating the list of dreams that you are going to fulfill. Which would be the first?

One of our recommendations is that part of your financing is also earmarked for investment, so through the money you get from this, in the future your next loans could be paid almost alone. But if the credit itself is a marvel by all its characteristics, when we see the benefits reflected in our lives we could be surprised.

Do you want to know what are some of the things you can achieve through the loans that the government grants? Here we share the list:

  • Opportunity to give bigger hooks: Why a credit can help you give bigger hooks? Whether you want to buy a new car or stop renting a house and better buy your own, the credit itself can not only help you allocate more money to the initial balance account, but also the fact of having contracted a credit via payroll it will give you the possibility of reducing the interest for which, you will allocate more money to pay for your new dream. Sometimes when some type of financing is requested to acquire a property or a car, the interests are usually high and it becomes complicated to pay for it and also, to continue with the family expenses. Better not take a risk and apply for a payroll loan, so you’ll get more security and you’ll have a point in favor when you get to the agency or the real estate.


  • Business opportunities in the best moment: What would happen if at this moment comes a business offer that you can not miss? Would you have the money to accept the proposal? We could think of the option of acquiring a small place to start a business or of investing in some other type of company that allows you to obtain constant extra income to think about a better future. But, do you have that money to make the payment instantly? Most likely, no, really within our society few people have the culture of saving and few are those who would invest their money in things like these. If in this situation your first plan is to request a loan with the bank, it could be a good option, however, we know that the time it takes your approval may not benefit you because business opportunities do not wait. With a payroll loan for government workers the opposite is true, the approval time is immediate and in 48 hours you will have your money ready for you to use it in the best investment of your life.


  • All your payments in less time: Personally I do not like having to make payments in the long term, just thinking that for years I will be paying an account that may not need so long I start to get nervous. That is why I prefer to save or take the opportunity to have a loan through the payroll of government. In addition to having the option to choose the term in which you will enjoy your credit, you also have the opportunity to accommodate your finances so that your payments do not put at risk the welfare of your account or your pockets. In this way, you will also end up paying your bills faster. For example, the larger the hitch for a car, the shorter the period during which you have to be giving monthly payments.


  • Pay debts faster to have new projects: If you have debts that you have been dragging for months or even years, then what you need is to end them and focus your mind on new projects. As payroll loans are a quick money option and also, in the short term, you can pay your debts faster and also get a refinance soon with a fixed interest rate to invest your money in the generation of business opportunities. Applying for a payroll loan for government workers is a great option for those who have this opportunity.

Do you have another dream to fulfill? Sure you and your children have a great list of activities to do and moments to share together. Now that you have the necessary money, start planning your next vacation or you can also think about remodeling your home .

Now that you have job security as a government worker, take advantage of and apply for a loan that will help your finances grow, so in the future you will not have to worry about anything other than enjoying and having fun.

At Credifiel we are waiting for you. We have offices throughout Mexico so that your place of residence and distance do not prevent you from reaching us. You can also contact us through our digital channels. We are here to help you and make you pay your money.