Financial help in your trips abroad

In summer, many people go on vacation and travel abroad. However, running out of money in a foreign country can change your dream journey into a real horror. What to do or where to go if you run out of money while you are traveling? One of the possibilities is to request a mini urgent loan. Nowadays, thanks to online loans it is possible to request fast financing also from outside Spain. You just have to get an Internet connection to ask for money you need.

How to apply for a quick loan from abroad?

The online loan application process does not vary even if you are anywhere. If you have a computer or a telephone with access to the Internet, you only need to access the web pages of the chosen lender and make your request:

  • Indicate the amount you need and the return period
  • Fill out the form with your personal and work data
  • Send the necessary documentation to verify your data
  • Wait a few minutes to find out if your loan has been approved
  • Read and sign the contract that you will get by email

Once the contract is signed, the lender will transfer the money immediately to your bank account that you have indicated during the application process. So you can have the necessary money in a matter of minutes.

What must be considered?

The documentation required to request mini urgent loans is usually minimal. Getting fast money from outside Spain is possible if you can verify your identity with a photocopy of your identity document (DNI / NIE) and if you can justify with a document that you have regular and sufficient income. Wherever you are, it is necessary to have photocopies of these documents in order to access financing without problems.

Send your request you can from anywhere at any time, since fast loans entities operate 100% online and their services are usually available 24/7. However, if you need the money as soon as possible, it is advisable to check the customer service hours and send your request within hours to avoid possible delays.

Once the contract is signed, the lender will transfer your money instantly. Normally, a transfer between accounts of the same bank is usually almost immediate, however, between different banks can take up to 1 or 2 business days. If you need to have your money without any delay, before requesting a loan you should consult which banks the chosen lender operates. To obtain financing without delays it is advisable to resort to those companies that operate with the bank where you have your bank account to which you want to deposit money.

Who can ask for quick loans?

To clarify any doubt, if you reside outside of Spain there is no possibility of getting a quick loan with Spanish lenders. In order to obtain a loan, you must be a resident in Spanish territory and prove it with a corresponding documentation. However, as a Spanish resident you can get a quick loan from abroad if you need it to cover any unforeseen travel.