What are staycations? Summer holidays, in your city

What are staycations? Summer holidays, in your city

Although we are already fully involved in summer and the most fortunate are on vacation, there is still time for the rest to relax and enjoy the sun .

When we think about summer holidays, most of us imagine a trip : either abroad or in our own country, it seems that we do not conceive the possibility of a vacation without leaving our city. Sometimes we even consider an itinerary so adjusted to make the most of the time we end up stressed. It does not seem like the most relaxed way to spend a vacation, right?

If this usually happens to you, why not try some staycations?


Yeah, but what are staycations?

<strong>Yeah, but what are staycations?</strong>

Staycation is a term in English that arises from joining two concepts: stay (stay), and vacation (vacation). That is, a vacation where you stay at home. This trend began to gain strength in the worst years of the crisis, in which many families could not afford to go out, although for some time there are those who opt for this modality voluntarily.

Well raised, a staycations can bring you all the advantages of a traditional vacation, but saving waiting times, travel and, of course, a lot of money .

Think about what you do with your partner most of the time on vacation: lay on the beach, eat and dine out and visit museums, monuments or cities. And why could not you do that during some staycations?

Remember that there are also tourists who visit your city every year for the same reasons that you travel abroad. So, why not do what you like so much, but in your own city ?

From Ferratum Money we give you 4 tips to make your staycations live up to the best summer vacations .


1) Book a “beach day”

It is clear that not all beaches are tropical beaches with white sands and coconut trees, but spending several hours in the sun or in the water can have the same benefits.

Anyway, book a “beach day” , even if it’s on a lake, next to a canal, the ocean or even a pool. Take a book, a sandwich, a bottle of wine or beers and you’ll have a perfect day assembled.

Even if you live in a city without a coast and the nearest beach catches you in two or three hours, the trip will be refreshing and it will be worth it in any case.


2) Delight your palate

<strong>2) Delight your palate</strong>

Of course, one of the best aspects of traveling is the gastronomic : go to new restaurants, try exotic foods, eat what you want (even filth!) And, of course, do not cook.

If when you are on vacation you allow yourself this light sleeper, why not do it in the staycations too? Is there a new restaurant that your partner would like to try? Do you want to take the opportunity to book on that site that always has a huge queue? Now is the time to do it!

Treat yourself to all those places that you have heard about, that you have passed through or that awaken curiosity.



3) Do more, see more

When we go on vacation, we usually do more activities , such as going to amusement parks, seeing monuments, canoeing or visiting museums. Well, there is no reason not to do the same at home. Join the tourists of your city and cheer up!

The list is endless: go to exhibitions, go up to the viewpoint of a building, take a bike ride, go to an aquapark or see an opera, you do not have to give up anything!


4) Go on a picnic to the park


Who does not like to go to a park or garden, sit on the grass with a picnic and enjoy the sun? It is a simple plan, accessible to everyone and relaxing like few others .

Take a book, organize a barbecue, play soccer (or one of these international park games) or simply close your eyes and relax. Whatever you do, devote yourself to enjoy being surrounded by nature and see how good it feels.


Make your staycations a reality

<strong>Make your staycations a reality</strong>


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